Yorkshire Water News Update: Partnership with MMB Elongated

MMB and Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water news update: Mott MacDonald and JN Bentley are looking to collaborate with Yorkshire Water to establish a £1billion, five year framework.

The three companies are set to establish their investment plan for the next asset management period – referred to as AMP6 – which will run for the five years between 2015 and 2020. The idea behind the £1billion or $1.58billion, scheme is to develop the planned investment necessary for an ever improved service and reasonable prices for those receiving the service.

Mott MacDonald have worked with Yorkshire Water for the past 13 years now with very successful results. The company will combine with JN Bentley to create the hybrid company Mott MacDonald Bentley which will be known as MMB for short, and work with Yorkshire Water to establish a framework that is more resistant to the weather that plagues Britain and Yorkshire in particular.

Extreme weather conditions can cause obstructions for the provision of the water for the local environment. The need to protect that environment as well as secure a supply of quality drinking water is vital and companies such as Yorkshire Water cannot run the risk of the jeopardising their supply or reputation.

The MMB joint venture was established in 1999 and its record over those years has spoken clearly for itself. The team have assisted Yorkshire Water with their service by offering innovative solutions to the problems they are faced. They have been the sole contractors on the reservoirs that belong to Yorkshire Water for the asset management period five, they have ample experience to continue the partnership.

The relationship that has developed between Mott MacDonald and Yorkshire Water over the 13 years that they’ve worked together has been acknowledged as one of the best in industry but has also been awarded Yorkshire Water’s Best Performing Capital Partner for four consecutive years.

James Harris, Mott MacDonald’s managing director has expressed his pleasure at continuing the partnership and how well they have worked together over the years. The development of creativity, innovation and the water network should assist Yorkshire Water with their customer service and leave only positive things to be said about the company by the customers.

In addition to the improvement in safety and quality, MMB have, overs the years, maximised their designing abilities and pushed the manufacture and assembly processes to new levels. They have instigated innovative solutions and reduced the company’s carbon emissions as well as reducing the costs of the company by 24%.

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