Yorkshire Bank News Update: YB40 Ends, Advertising Rights Questioned

Yorkshire Bank sponsorship

Yorkshire Bank news update: The final of the inaugural sponsorship year for the limited overs cricket has reached its close with an English-Welsh final.

Having taken over the responsibility of sponsorship for the middle range, limited overs cricket competition for the 18 English counties plus the Unicorns, Scotland and the Netherlands from their parent company, the Yorkshire Bank will possibly be losing the sponsorship already.

Although most often the companies sign a deal for a certain number of years – three for example – when the Yorkshire Bank took over sponsorship rights from the Clydesdale Bank it appears to have been left unconfirmed how long they will carry the responsibility.

This year’s competition drew to a close with the Nottinghamshire Outlaws being crown champions at Lord’s in the middle of September by beating Glamorgan by 87 runs. During the innings break at this year’s final however an announcement was made – the structure for next year’s competition is to change. To align the county format more closely with the international format, the counties will now compete in matches that involved each team facing 50 overs as opposed to 40.

Yorkshire Bank News Update

The introduction of limited overs cricket competitions came with the idea that it would bring in more spectators because the four and five day formats of county and international cricket are too long for the average spectator. Although you will still hear the purist cricket fan enthusiastically discuss the brilliance that is the longest format, in terms of drawing in more spectators the plan has paid off. The excitement of 20 and 40 over competitions mean those who brave the British weather are treated to the opportunity of not only seeing their local team battle it out but they’re also guaranteed a result!

Yorkshire Bank’s sponsorship deal has not been strictly ruled out for the new format it just appears unclear as to whether the new competition will be referred to, as one would assume, as the YB50 (Yorkshire Bank 50). This name indicates everything the previous one did and is clearly understood by all involved but with the format changing and there only being two groups this year, drawn randomly during the self-same innings break, the powers that be appear to be somewhat sketchy about the naming of it and attaching a company to the name.

This is potentially bad news for the Yorkshire Bank and their sponsorship scheme but then it could be even better – as the county format draws in more and more attention from host broadcasters and schemes such as “kids go free” continue to roll through the summer months, the exposure for cricket is improving all the time so their name will always be connected with Nottinghamshire’s triumph over Glamorgan in 2013.

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