Yorkshire Bank News Update: Online Banking Problems Blamed on ISPs

Yorkshire Bank ISP problems

Yorkshire Bank News Update: The bank have been experiencing problems with the online banking but have shifted the blame onto the internet service providers.

The problem has affected the other subsidiary of the National Australia Bank as well – the Clydesdale Bank – but them and the Yorkshire Bank have maintained that the outrage caused over the weekend in the middle of July is not their fault but that of the customers’ ISPs.

Yorkshire Bank News Update

“The banks confirmed to Computerworld UK yesterday that a systems update resulted in the websites being downed, but insisted that the problem had been resolved and that most customers should now be able to access all online banking services.

However, a number of complaints are still being aired on Twitter. Sheena Stavert (@Sheena_stavert) said: “Can #YorkshireBank explain what ‘in some specific cases you may be unable to use the service’ means to hundreds of people who still can’t.”

Whilst Leigh Edwards (@shedgal83) complained: “What the hell is happening with #ClydesdaleBank online banking?? No message or anything to give customers info #poorcustomerservice.”

A spokesman for the banks told Computerworld UK that the “websites are up and running with no issues”, but some customers may still have difficulty gaining access depending on what Internet Service Provider or device they use.

 “We understand that some customers are experiencing difficulties depending on their Internet Service Provider (ISP), as they update their servers, and the device they’re using,” the banks said in a statement.

“Once your ISP has updated its server, you should be able to use the sites as normal. We also recommended clearing your browser cache and resetting your internet router.”

If any customers have any urgent queries, the banks request that they call 08447 368 368, and that businesses call Business Direct on 0845 606 4455.

This is the latest in a string of IT failures that have left customers without full access to their cash, after outages last year resulted in Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank debit cards not working.”

If you are a customer of either of these banks and have experienced a similar problem or are just interested in contacting the Yorkshire Bank to ensure your service remains uninterrupted, use the Yorkshire Bank telephone number and speak with a member of their customer services team. There are also up to date news stories about the Yorkshire Bank and their most recent business movements on Customer Services Contact news feed.

This article was originally sourced from Computerworld UK.

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