Xbox News Update: Xbox Lose Executive to Zynga

xbox and zynga chief exec

Xbox news update: the man who helped Xbox turn a profit after years of struggle has announced that he is leaving to join rival social gaming company Zynga.

Zynga, a social gaming company have announced that Don Mattrick, the former Microsoft executive as their new chief executive. The company’s founder and current, CEO Mark Pincus has said he will remain with the company as a chairman and chief product officer.

The department that Mattrick was head of at Microsoft – interactive entertainment – has Xbox under its responsibilities and they are about to launch a new console. Prior to this position Mattrick assisted in the development of popular games such as ‘The Sims’ and ‘Fifa’ for gaming company Electronic Arts.

After falling by over 50% for the year, shares in the company reflected the confidence Pincus has in Mattrick when they sky-rocketed after news of the change in leadership was announced on
Mattrick has left Microsoft just before the company launch a news version of their flagship games console Xbox, the Xbox One. During his time there, Mattrick helped Xbox to make a profit following years of losses.

While many responses from enthusiastic gamers include criticisms of the price, the necessity of an internet connection a minimum of once a day and a plan to limit the amount used games can be shared, Microsoft are only changing their plans in relation to the internet connection necessities. They stand firm on all of the others.

News on Zynga

Almost immediately subsequent to their appearance on the stock market in December 2011, Zynga have struggled. Following Mattrick’s appointment the shares have jumped 10% higher.

In an attempt to gain similar success to FarmVille and Words With Friends, Zynga spent $200m on company OMGPOP who had the game Draw Something which was obviously a huge success but OMGPOP was closed less than a year later.

The company have looked to branch out into the online gaming market in order to introduce greater revenue but this has proven to have no impact on the bottom line. In addition to this in excess of 20% of their staff have been made redundant in conjunction with the closure of several offices in this last year.

Pincus is the second founder of a social media company to resign this year; Andrew Mason the Groupon chief executive left his post in February.”

For more information on any of the products and services offered by Xbox or if you have an queries regarding the new console that they’re launching, call the Xbox helpline and speak with their customer services department, all the phone lines are populated with friendly and helpful customer service assistants who are available for you to speak to whenever it is most convenient for you.

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