Xbox News Update: U-turn in Decisions Made

good decision for customers

Xbox News Update: been released that Xbox have actually made a U-turn on the decisions previously made about the new features which caused mass disgruntle.

For many Xbox fans around the world there has been huge outcry at the new revised Xbox features where family sharing abilities were going to withdrawn as well as t the 24 hour online authentication. Dramatically, however, due to the massive uproar this created, Microsoft have done a large U-turn, going back to their original plans.


“One of Microsoft’s more popular announcements for Xbox One’s digital policy was the ability for a player to designate 10 ‘family’ members’ accounts, all of whom would then have full access to that players’ games library.

This feature would have been governed by the console’s tight control over game license ownership via strict DRM policies.

But with the relaxing of the console’s DRM control, the firm has also withdrawn plans for the game sharing feature, among other benefits.

Microsoft’s president of interactive entertainment business Don Mattrick explained in a statement, “The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold.”

Marc Whitten, VP of Xbox Live clarified to Kotaku, “There’s a few things we won’t be able to deliver as a result of [the DRM policy changes].

“One of the things we were very excited about was ‘wherever we go my games are always with me.’ Now, of course your physical games won’t show up that way. The games you bought digitally will. You’ll have to bring your discs with you to have your games with you,” he confirmed.

“Similarly, the sharing library [is something] we won’t be able to deliver at launch,” said Whitten.

Microsoft today officially ditched Xbox One’s previously proposed and hugely controversial used game DRM policies and the need for the console to log in online once every 24 hours today, following widespread community outrage.

“As a result of feedback from the Xbox community, we have changed certain policies for Xbox One,” said the firm today.”

Good News for Xbox Customers

The result of this will come as happy for news for gamers all over the world, and especially important is the fact that the producers actually listened to what their customers wanted, showing that ultimately they do care. The reversal of this is also important for their competition with their other rivals on the market such as the PS4. If Microsoft were going to make the changes and stick to them then they will have probably lost out on a lot of customers. For more information regarding the Xbox please call the Xbox Helpline.

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