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Xbox News Update: The new Xbox One will allow independent developers to publish and have full control over their games when uploaded onto the new console.

The latest Xbox console will be named the Xbox One and will be released this November. Previously, only established and well known game publishers were going to be able to upload their games onto this new Xbox, however, it has now been said that independent developers will be able to put their creations on the the console, whenever they like, as well as being able to set their own prices.

The gaming society are finding this announcement a very exciting one, as it opens up the doors to many unknown developers. Xbox want to use their technology to allow anyone to be able to create games and fully enjoy the use of all aspects of the gaming experience. Not only will a user be able to play games on a Xbox One, but every console also allows the user to create, develop and publish games as well.

Formerly, the high cost of production has not allowed companies to experiment with new and innovative ideas, however the people at Xbox believe this is what their consumers want and need. Although fun for the consumer, it also allows them to show and distinguish their creativity as well as establish themselves and for new talented game developers to be found.

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However, they are not the first company to offer this independent publishing service to their customers. Sony allowed their users to publish their own games through the Playstation 4, however there were costs involved and this is something potential users and Xbox consumers are concerned about. On the other hand, the benefit of the new console is that the user will not need a publishing partner is order to self publish their work.

Xbox have and are experiencing a combination of changes within the company at the moment, including major people within the company moving to rival companies and well as  the plan to be and develop products that are more efficient and innovative.

The gaming industry is extremely competitive, especially with the constant rapid pace of developing technology, as well as serval dominant companies who each have a reasonable large market share. These companies also have to think about customer loyalty and how to stop their consumers going else where. This is possibly one of the reasons why Xbox now offer the self publishing aspect on their new console.

For more information on Xbox and their new developments as well as the products they have to offer, visit their official website by clicking here.

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