Wonga News Update: Papiss Cissé Wears Wonga Logo

Cissé Agrees To Wear Wonga Kit

Wonga News Update

Wonga News Update: After refusing to promote Wonga, Newcastle Player, Papiss Cissé, has agreed to wear his football shirt printed with the Wonga logo.

The online pay per day loan company, Wonga, currently sponsor Newcastle United Football club. As part of the sponsorship deal, their logo will be embellished on to the team’s kit next season. However, earlier this month one of the Newcastle players had an argument about being made to wear the shirt publishing the logo. This resulting in the player, Papiss Cissé leaving the team’s training camp in Portugal.

Due to his religion, his argument is that he doesn’t want to promote Wonga due to religious beliefs. However, his argument and request to wear an unbranded shirt has been denied resulting to the player having to train by him self.

However, after exclusion from pre-season training, the missing of matches and a long talk with the head of the club, an agreement between the two parties has been made. Cissé has agreed to wear the football kit with the Wonga logo on it. Wonga are a highly paying sponsor of the club and for this reason their blue and white logo take up a large proportion of the Newcastle Football Club kit. The argument had also sparked rumors of Cissé’s football career ending very shortly as well as an image emerging of the player at a blackjack table, apparently participating in gambling, whereby soon after, the news was released that the player will wear the kit.

More Wonga Updates

Although other Muslim players on the team did not show concern over publicising the Wonga logo and the concept of payday loan companies, other leaders of society and politicians did, due to the controversy that surrounds the Wonga company.

Many do not agree and feel strongly against Wonga due to the extremely high interest rates per day that they set. At a quick glance and from their promotional adverts it is a quick and easy way to take out small amounts of money that you then repay when you have enough money or passed pay day. However, it fails to mention the interest per day, and many have found themselves in thousands and thousands of pounds of debt that grows everyday, all from an original loan that was under one hundred pounds.

For more information on Wonga and what they have to offer, as well as their terms and conditions, visit their official website by clicking here.

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