Waterstones News Update: Waterstones Prepare POS for New Rowling Book

Robert Galbraith Book J K Rowling

Waterstones news update: Demand for The Cuckoo’s Calling, a novel by Harry Potter author J K Rowling under pseudonym Robert Galbraith reaches new heights.

It has been necessary to order a 140000 copy reprint of the novel published earlier this year under the name Robert Galbraith; a pseudonym for J K Rowling. The authoress has established herself as a favoured children’s author thanks to her creation of teen wizard-come-hero Harry Potter and has, since the publication of the seventh and final book in that series, branched out into writing for adults.

Copies of the novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, have been in high demand since it was revealed that author Robert Galbraith was no more than another character from the brain of Rowling and it has been necessary to order a reprint of a further 140000 copies. Supposedly, July is quiet month for book sales but this little nugget of earth-shattering news has dragged the limelight onto the literary world.

All booksellers have admitted the frustration they’ve felt being unable to supply their customers with a book in such high demand but it does highlight just how influential books still are in a world insistent of speed and reliant on technology. The reprint will allow all booksellers to distribute the novel to their waiting customers but the impact that the book will have on these eager readers is entirely in the hands of the fictitious Galbraith.

Not everyone has experienced this drought of literature but those booksellers who were lucky enough to still have a few copies and indeed get the word out quick enough that they needed more copies soon found themselves unable to quench the thirst once again. The books have failed to remain on the shelves as companies such as Waterstones have rushed to get point of sale display advertising the fact that Galbraith is in fact Rowling.

The booksellers’ general consensus seems to be that there has been ‘quite a bit of interest’ as opposed to the pandemonium that the newspapers have advertised the public as experiencing. Rowling’s name brings a certain level of expectation with it but with that being associated with children’s literature most frequently it can be difficult to transfer the skills to a different audience; only time – and the much anticipated reviews – will tell whether all the hype is justified.

For more information on Waterstones and the books they stock, contact their customer services department by using the Waterstones phone number. Or visit their official website at www.waterstones.com.

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