Waterstones News Update: UDHR Booklet Published with Amnesty International

Waterstones Amnesty International

Waterstones news update: To mark 60th anniversary Amnesty International and Waterstones will publish a booklet on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 2008, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights celebrated its 60th year having been established in the wake of the traumas of the Second World War. The lessons that were learnt through that terrible period in history are ones that have been carried through the subsequent years in order to ensure something such as that does not happen, at least to the same extent for civilians, in the future.

To mark the occasion, it has been announced by the high street bookseller Waterstones that they will work with the charity Amnesty International to publish a booklet detailing all the most important points about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as bit of its history.

The booklet will be titled Know Your Rights and will be illustrated by some of the most famous names in the world of illustration, including Steven Appleby, Liza Donnelly, Merrily Harpur, Michael Heath, Tony Husband and Neil Kerber. All of these artists will offer a satirical, humorous or simply illustrative sketch that is appropriate to the booklet and the text on the page they will be featured on. Whether that is a quote directly from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or a piece about its origin and history, that will be a surprise for the readers.

Waterstones News Update

While the introductory piece has been given to Scottish author A L Kennnedy, the responsibility for the cover art on the booklet however will be given to famous Syrian political cartoonist Ali Ferzat. He developed a reputation for his artwork by publishing satirical pieces regarding governmental issues but became truly famous for having his hand broken by pro-government militia for the self-same drawings.

The booklet will be made available in all Waterstones stores as well as all Amnesty International bookshops for just £2 per booklet. With the intention of educating people on the document that was one of the positives that came out of the Second World War. James Daunt, managing director of Waterstones has shared his opinions on the publication, specifically that there is an undeniable connection between literature and human rights. Article 19 succinctly articulates this concept and the front-cover illustrator is a walking example of the issues faced by those who deny the basic human rights.

Waterstones are available to be visited or contacted with regards to this publication. Click here for all the relevant contact information.

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