Waterstones News Update: New Bridget Jones Book Release Date

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Waterstones news update: The newest instalment in the Bridget Jones series comes inclusive of some tenuous classical literature references and surprises.

With the concept of Helen Fielding’s novels about the life of her modern day heroine Bridget Jones being somehow loosely based on the nearly two hundred year old, accepted into the English Cannon, brilliantly constructed and timeless novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen still echoing in the now bleeding ears of English Literature students and worshippers across the world, it becomes clear that the one tenuous link she did have with the novel will be killed off.

For anyone who has any sort of respect for literature they will see the stark contrast between the Fielding’s and Austen’s respective works. This is not to say that they are not both written to a high standard or that both cannot be appreciated by the same person – they certainly can – but to compare the two and to claim that the Bridget Jones novels are somehow loosely based on Pride and Prejudice is bordering on the laughable.

Fielding created Bridget in 1996 while writing for a national newspaper and produced a weekly column about the lives and loves of Bridget and her friends as thirty-somethings in London in the 1990s. It struck a chord with women across the country and tapped into a culture obsessed with reading glossy magazines and struggling with their single identities and was of course later turned into two blockbuster movies starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.

When you compare this to Jane Austen’s romance novel about two people who fall in love against their initial wills because of a slight difference in class and who grow together over a period of time and through events who are arguably out of their control throwing them together. Even if you break it down and compare the characters – Elizabeth Bennett and Bridget Jones have nothing but the fact that they are both fictional women in common. And Colin Firth is the contemporary actor chosen to play their respective love interests on the big screen.

Waterstones News Update

The comparison aside however, Fielding has announced that the next instalment will be released in 2013 – fourteen years after the sequel to Bridget Jones was first published. It has been revealed that the man who declared his love for the less-than-perfect terminal singleton Bridget has made her his wife and widow. We catch up with her as a 51 year old widow who is back in the world of singledom and struggling.

If you are interested in journeying with Bridget further through her life, venture forth towards a Waterstones store and either pre-order a copy or pick one up after its publication date – 10th October. All Waterstones stores will have plenty of copies but if you would like to contact your local branch, you can do so by following this link http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/waterstones-customer-services/.

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