Waitrose News Update: New Truro Store Going Ahead

Truro City Council Reject Waitrose Development

Waitrose news update: Despite rejections from Truro City Council and local businesses, plans for a new Waitrose store in Truro, Cornwall will go ahead.

The development, located in the east of Truro is a multi-million pound project set to include a new supermarket from John Lewis owned company Waitrose. Cornwall Council agreed the plans in 2012 but Truro City Council and many retailers that operate around the proposed area have rejected the plans.

As well as a Waitrose supermarket, the development, due to be built on Duchy of Cornwall land, will include a Cornish food hall, a waste and recycling centre, a park and ride service between the development and Truro town centre and approximately 100 new homes.

Those displeased with the proposal have taken their case to the High Court but that has been overturned and the project is set to go ahead. The objections were based on the undesirable implication of a loss of agricultural land as well as the city centre’s trade potentially being severely damaged by the new builds.

Waitrose News Update

It was Judge Frances Patterson QC who decided against the objections on the grounds that Cornwall County Council had undertaken extensive research as well as planning processes and all the results indicated that the project would be beneficial to the local economy as opposed to detract from the current city centre trade.

Additionally it is likely that the project will endorse the locally produced produce as well as quality, low-cost housing and improved travel routes that reduce the congestion in the city and the amount of time it takes to negotiate the city.

As well as contributing to the local economy, the development is thought to generate over 200 jobs once it’s in place but due to its £40m cost may find itself offering more than that as the project is completed.

While Truro City Council denied any comment on the outcome, one of the councillors who represents both the City and County Councils did tell BBC News that he was both disappointed and angry at the result and that they would all have to have a rethink but ultimately accept that there is nowhere else to go from here: the project is going ahead.
Work on the development is expected to get underway in November 2013. The scheme will start with the park and ride aspect and then move gradually through all the elements until the whole project is completed a few years down the line.

For more information on Waitrose and any of their stores, contact their customer services department via the following link http://www.customerservicescontact.co.uk/waitrose-customer-service/.

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