Vodaphone News Update: Vodaphone’s 4G Campaign

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In the most recent Vodaphone news update, the company have announced their expansion plans for their 4G network by spending a fortune at the Ofcom auction.

4G is supposedly the next big thing in the world of mobile internet surfing but three of the major mobile phone networks are yet to launch their 4G service; Three, O2 and Vodafone. But the last of these has done all it can to ensure that when they do launch their service, they hit the market with a bang and minimal problems. They spent £790, 761, 000 at an Ofcom spectrum auction in February this year – significantly more than the other networks spent.

What Vodaphone Got Out Of The Deal

“[The spend] was enough for Vodafone to come away with 2 x 10 MHz of 800 MHz spectrum, 2 x 20 MHz of 2.6 GHz spectrum and 1 x 25 MHz of unpaired 2.6 GHz spectrum. The gist of which is that they are well stocked with both long range 800 MHz spectrum – which is great for large rural areas and faster, shorter range 2.6 GHz spectrum, which works great in cities, where there are a lot of people using it in a more confined space.

Following on from that huge spend, Vodafone have now announced that they’ll be spending over £900 million this financial year on various network improvements. That figure amounts to more than £2.5 million every single day and is roughly 50% more than the £601 million they spent in 2012.

The money is going to be used in two key ways. One of the things Vodafone plan to do is create a seamlessly integrated fixed and mobile network. You might not have even realised that Vodafone were in the business of fixed networks but as of last year they are, as they purchased Cable & Wireless Worldwide – one of the United Kingdom’s largest fixed communications providers, for over £1 billion. As a result of the purchase Vodafone have obtained a 20,500 kilometre (12,738 mile) fixed line fibre optic network.

By integrating their mobile phone masts with their newly acquired fibre optic network Vodafone can make their network faster as well as providing greater coverage. According to Vodafone it will also help support businesses and public sector customers to simplify their operations and create innovative new services, which in turn will lead to increased productivity, allowing them to – in Vodafone’s words “(reap) the benefits of better ways of working”.

The other thing that the £900 million is going to be spent on is preparations for Vodafone’s ultra-fast 4G services, which they plan to launch by the end of the summer. The company haven’t gone into detail on exactly what preparations they’re making, but they do say that they’re well underway and that Vodafone are on track to delivering indoor 4G coverage to 98% of the UK population by 2015.

Building their “best ever network” is a big goal but an important one in times like this when there are major new technologies and transitions to deal with.

Vodafone are really going to need to pull out all the stops anyway if they want to compete with EE, who by the time they launch their 4G network will have had almost a year’s head start. The huge amount of money that Vodafone are throwing around suggests a commitment to staying relevant but whether it will be enough to topple EE remains to be seen.

It should at least hopefully help their performance in general and even if they can’t top EE to become the 4G network operator of choice they might be able to take the number two spot and become more popular for 4G than O2 or Three, both of whom seem to be spending comparatively little on the technology.”

4G is set to be anywhere between five and seven times faster than the current 3G network which means the latter will ultimately become obsolete. With this in mind, Vodafone as well as Three and O2 need to push on with their respective campaigns to ensure they are not left lagging behind in the world of mobile network providers.

This article was originally found at www.3g.co.uk. For more information on any of the products or services offered by Vodaphone, use the Vodaphone phone number to speak to a member of their customer services department.

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