Vodafone News Update: Launch of 4G

4G Available from September 2013

Vodafone News Update

Vodafone News Update: Company is set to launch a 4G service across the UK in September 2013 set to rival major competitors and previous 3G speeds.

Phone operator, Vodafone are expected to launch a 4G service to their UK consumers in September later this year. The service is promised to be of a very high quality and be a joyful and exciting experience for the Vodafone 4G user, that they have not previously had.

The mobile phone company have decided to put this service in place in order to keep up with the stiff competition of similar companies. One major competitor of Vodafone have already set up the 4G service back in October 2012, which resulted in Vodafone loosing many customers. This industry is a very tough one and is certainly very competitive. Companies bring out new tariffs that give the consumer more for less, and also new technology and innovations are constantly appearing. The current consumer always wants the most up to date product, resulting in many moving between company rivals in order to get the best product for the best price.

However, although already available, Vodafone are positive that their service will still be a success and attract new and existing customers. They pride themselves on their current 3G service and its high quality and believe that consumers recognise this and will be willing to stay with Vodafone and wait for the arrival of the 4G service later this year.

More Vodafone Updates

Vodafone have already launched the 4G service in Australia earlier this month and it appears to be a success. The company claims that internet speeds are fifteen times faster than 3G and is forecasted to be quicker than their major competitors who currently offer 4G. In order to show their consumers the benefits and extremely high quality and speed of the service, Vodafone offered consumers a free trail of the service for one month before they decide to buy the necessary tariff. At the moment the company is the leading 4G provider in the country due to being available in the five mainland capital cities.

Hopefully, when Vodafone launch 4G in the United Kingdom it will be of a similar if not bigger success, and widely available across the country, especially in major cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

For more information on Vodafone and their 4G service, as well as their tariffs, offers and other products they sell, visit their official website by clicking here.

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