Vodafone News Update: 4G Launch in UK announced

Vodafone 4G Launch

Vodafone News Update: After investing 900 million pounds, Vodafone have finally announced the official launch date of its 4G service, which will be the 29th August in London.

The 4G service is set to change the way we use mobiles, and customers everywhere are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the service on their handsets. 4G will allow customers to keep up to date with all on goings around them, with the new Internet allowing us to message and email, track the news and sport, in a far faster and efficient manner.

Vodafone are set to launch their 4G service on the 29th August in London, with hopes that their new addition to their services will put them ahead of other competitors. After launching the 4G network in London, Vodafone then plans to extend this beyond and to further launch it in cities all over the UK such as Leeds and Manchester. In terms of pricing, customers will have a £26 a month contract within a 12 month contract.

Updates for Vodafone

Vodafone is further trying to appeal to customers by ensuring they can provide as much content as possible. Thus they have joined with TV giant Sky Sports as well as Spotify so customers can maximize what these companies can offer them. Vodafone are also making sure they are being as helpful to customers as possible when they are going through the process of choosing which contract is right for them. Therefore they are giving the first 3 months of each contract unlimited date use when within the UK.

Vodafone however is not the only phone company who are launching a 4G platform, with other companies also seeing a chance to extend into it. Just last week 02 also announced its hopes to also introduce the service.

Telecommunications company Ofcom held an auction recently auctioning off parts of the 4g network, in which all the telephone companies took part in. Many cited this auction as a positive approach, as it encourages competition within the telephone industry in the UK.

In terms of speeds, the ‘800MHz’ bands, are best used for long distance 4g services such as those used by televisions for signal. In comparison the ‘2.6GHz’ range is used across smaller distances with much faster speeds. Both EE and Vodafone bought both types of speed ranges, whilst 02 only went for the lower range.

If you require any further information on what Vodafone can offer you then please visit their website.

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