Virgin Media News Update: Virgin Media Saves BT

BT Sport Virgin Media Rescue

Virgin Media News Update: BT Sport had their Barclays Premier League debut last week, but things went awry and Virgin Media had to come to their rescue.

BT has just become a new sports broadcaster, so the pressure was on when they had their debut with the lunchtime football game between Liverpool and Stoke City which took place on the 17th August. However the sports broadcaster Bt has now announced that over half of the household watching the Stoke, Liverpool game did so through the Virgin Media cable TV service.

On a whole BT pulled in near to 7000 viewers, with a grand percentage of 43% coming from Virgin Media customers. The game collectively peaked at an audience of around 800,000 viewers, beating ESPNS audience for its first game the season before. Furthermore, 51% of the households that tuned in to watch the Liverpool Stoke match were BT paying customers. So, ultimately BT probably wouldn’t have done so well in terms of viewings of their Sporting debut if they hadn’t sealed the deal with Virgin Media.

Virgin Media News Update

The deal that has enabled BT to gain in terms of the sport viewings was only done 3 days prior to this match. It is a 3 year deal and means that Virgin Media customers have access to the BT sport channels. BT have voiced that they are eager to make their new sport channels, which they have invested a great deal into, as accessible as possible, supplying them to as many platforms as they can as part of a wholesale deal. So resulting from the deal, BT Sport 1, Bt Sport 2 and ESPN are all available to current Virgin Media customers as part of their existing package.

Again, this movement from BT is to fend off its long standing rival Sky, where the battle continues in terms of keeping the most subscription subscribers. For BT this deal with Virgin Media will be another step in the right direction in preventing losing customers to Sky.

If you would like to find out anymore information on the services or products on offer from Virgin Media please do not hesitate to visit their website by clicking here. Alternatively if you wish to speak to a supervisor directly please call Virgin Media customer services where you will speak to a helpful employee who will ensure all your queries are seen to and that you are satisfied with the service you receive.

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