Virgin Media News Update: Virgin Media Offer 3D For Free

Virgin Media Offer 3D TV

Virgin Media news update: Following the BBC’s decision to drop the format entirely, Virgin Media will increase the 3D options they offer their customers.

As one of the leading television coverage service providers in the UK Virgin Media have taken a rival’s decision to drop the 3D format as opportunity to expand their coverage. Fellow rival Sky have to date stayed very quiet on this particular topic but never ones to be left in the dust customers can rest assured that if they are interested in the service, an option will be made available imminently.

“The cable television provider has signed deals with Sony, Discovery and New Media Vision to offer new 3D content on its on demand service from this month.

Movies include The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Oz the Great and Powerful, Wreck-it Ralph and Life of Pi.

Meanwhile shows such as 3D Dive, Kalahari Meerkats and Monster Trucks will be available to watch for free.

Virgin Media says over a million 3D movies and TV shows have been watched through the on demand service.

The news follows an announcement by the BBC that it will shelve 3D broadcasting for at least three years after this November’s Dr Who 50th Anniversary special.

Kevin O’Neil, head of TV production management for Virgin Media, said: ’3D offers a unique and often breathtaking experience and our customers are making the most of Virgin Media’s 3D on demand line-up to sit down and try it for themselves.

‘We offer our customers a wide choice of content and 3D at no extra cost is proving to be a valuable addition for many of our TV fans.”

Virgin Media offer their service via cable as opposed to Sky’s service which comes via satellite. The two services are in constant competition with each other with their customers entering into grand debates about who offers better service. The fact of the matter is at the heart of it there is very little difference; both allow their customers to create ‘bundles’ wherein they incorporate the payment of television, telephone and internet or a mixture of the three it is just the television packages they offer that differ. For example, Sky offer viewers the chance to watch up to date films and live sports games via the Sky Movies and Sky Sports but these are an additional cost to your monthly contract and are exclusive to Sky. There are other movie packages offered by other companies but sports are a bit more elitist and while Sky are offering the service to Virgin Media and Freeview viewers, it is at a rather high additional cost.

To contact Virgin Media and discuss their television packages, follow this link

This article was originally sourced from The Metro.

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