Virgin Media News Update: Students Not Happy

Leeds Students Complain to Virgin Media

Virgin Media news update: Students, especially in Leeds, have reported how unhappy they are with the service they have been receiving from Virgin Media.

A survey carried out by Leeds University students has just revealed how unhappy and fed up the students have been with Virgin Media broadband services, after reporting continual slow internet speeds. Students are claiming that there has been a lot of false advertisement concerning the speeds of the broadband packages on offer. Therefore students are saying that they have bought into something which they are not receiving, so ultimately have been misled.

Complaints have reported of drastic slow downs in the internet speed and often complete cut offs, despite the students paying for one of the more expensive packages, promising fast internet speeds.

Virgin Media News Update

Whilst many might not take these complaints too seriously, not only is the internet having an effect on the social networks students frequent, but it is also resulting in students unable to access their student portal, meaning that for some, work is suffering.

To add to the problem, these problems were reported for the first time a good 12 months ago, but unfortunately were quickly dismissed, with no real action taking place. 5 months later Virgin Media did release a statement saying they would do the best they could to upgrade the system to sort out the issues. However, again this went unresolved, with the problem continuing. Therefore, frustration and angst has built up amongst the students, as a result of them not receiving the help and appropriate customer service expected from Virgin Media.

Virgin Media News Updates

Some students have actually branded the service from Virgin Media as ‘appalling’, with over two-thirds in survey complaining of being not properly dealt with. Virgin Media have since released a statement that the service was unacceptable and it wont happen again, as well as giving all their efforts to rectify the problem and to see that it does not happen again.

If you have any more issues you wish you resolve with Virgin please call the Virgin Media helpline. Virgin Media strive to better their customer services all the time, and any feedback would be much appreciated. Equally if you wish to look at any more of their products or services on offer, and see what broadband packages are available to you then please visit their website.

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