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Virgin Media News Update

Virgin Media News Update: A Free Wi-Fi service is being installed in the city of Birmingham in September 2013, in an attempt to boost economic growth.

Virgin Media have been granted the ability to provide a free Wi-Fi service to all across the city of Birmingham. Both residents and visitors to the city will be able to use the service and it also will not have a restriction time for each user, like many free Wi-Fi hotspots currently do, of around thirty minutes. The main aim behind the idea is to improve the accessibility of being online to those who may not have had previous access as well as increase mobile investment opportunities within the city. It aims to support the fast paced and rapidly advancing of technology and innovations of current life and help local businesses and trade develop and maximise further.

The technology to allow the city to have free Wi-Fi will be located within lamp posts and traffic lights. As well as this, 3G and 4G stations will also be installed to give ultimate coverage so that users can make interrupted phone calls, can use the internet and mobile applications freely.

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This idea is planned to be launched in September later this year and is part of one of the governments initiatives to have cities totally connected through the internet. It appears that this is one of the most sustainable and most probable systems of this kind to be put in place and there is much trust being put into Virgin Media to deliver a fast, reliable and secure service. Is a fast developing city such as Birmingham, the free Wi-Fi service provided by Virgin Media will be very beneficial to businesses as well as boosting the economy, something that is highly needed in this current time.

Virgin Media will not charge consumer to use the service, but will act as a hosting service to the leading mobile operators in the United Kingdom. These operators can then charge their own consumers within their own provided tariffs.

Not only do the council plan for this initiative to positively impact economic growth, but also attract visitors to the city and increase tourism, that will also help to impact the growth and development of the city.

For more information on Virgin Media and the products they offer as well as their future projects and plans, visit their official website which can be accessed by clicking here.

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