Virgin Atlantic News Update: Synchonisation of Flights with Delta Air Lines

Virgin Atlantic Delta Air Lines

Virgin Atlantic news update: Richard Branson’s international airlines company Virgin Atlantic are predicted to return to profit in the 2014-15 financial year.

Research has shown that it is looking likely that the internationally operating airline Virgin Atlantic will be able to get back to their previous status in the market. They’re predicted to begin reaping the rewards of profit again once the 2014-15 financial year gets underway.

The company has struggled over the past two years and have not managed to break a profit, but Virgin Atlantic is being guided back in the direction of profit by using more fuel efficient aeroplanes and an initiative with Delta Air Lines. Craig Kreeger, the American head of Virgin Atlantic Airways has made it clear that he has a plan for getting the company back to the high standards.

The new aircraft will look to assist Virgin Atlantic with their fuel costs. The Airbus A340 that they’ve been using has four engines and therefore uses a lot of fuel – the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is leading the way in fuel efficient aircraft.

Virgin Atlantic News Update

Part of the problem that has face Virgin Atlantic Airways has been the British economic crisis and the consequent lack of customers travelling around the globe. However, by working with Delta Airlines and synchronising flights, particularly between the UK and US, they are able to combine flights and increase revenue. They are taking the lead for this from the example set by British Airways and American Airlines who already synchronise their flights.

BA’s move to collaborate with AA took a lot of revenue away from Virgin Atlantic in relation to their transatlantic flights. Customers want ease and with synchronised schedules to popular destinations, there is nothing easier. Kreeger’s initiative is believed to kick start the annual sales at $3bn as Virgin Atlantic look to expand their service to include Americans as well as make their UK to US customers more inclined to travel onwards with their partner company.

With the short-haul flights being introduced in the UK between London, Manchester, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, Virgin Atlantic are only making their campaign for breaking back into profit more and more likely.

For more information on the flights offered by Virgin Atlantic, contact their customer services department and speak with a member of the team. Their team is willing to assist with all enquiries whether you’re interested in booking a flight, learning more about their services or simply finding out more information about the company. You can also read about the most recent Virgin Atlantic news at

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