Virgin Atlantic News Update: More Australians Wanted

Virgin Atlantic news update: By joining forces with other major tourist operators within the UK, the air travel company look to target Australian tourists.

In a campaign to bring in more Australian tourists to the UK, Virgin Atlantic have joined forces with VisitBritain and London & Partners to create innovative new ideas for capturing the imagination of our Southern hemisphere friends. The steady increase of Australians visiting the country over the last five years has shown promise but this combination is set to push those numbers up even further opening the door for travel further a-field than London.

As a bonus offer for the start of the campaign, the beginning of September 2013 sees an offer for flights to the UK including a bonus onward trip to either Manchester, Aberdeen or Edinburgh.

As 2012 was a record breaking year for Virgin Atlantic, the company are looking to develop that further still as the Australian Dollar peaked against the British Pound and the market for Australians visiting the UK continues to grow all the time.

Virgin Atlantic News Update

Campaigning with the slogan ‘Britain is GREAT’ the companies are aiming to club together and offer a more wholesome image of the UK. The posters articulate the many different interests that the UK has to offer from Big Ben to Corgis to Doctor Who; there’s something for everyone. London itself is being advertised as incorporating all of the most exciting qualities: it’s inspirational and diverse, its streets are paved with gold and to top it off it’s the gateway to the rest of Britain.

VisitBritain, Virgin Atlantic and London & Partners are simply looking to capitalise on what they’ve got to offer already. Last year held the Olympics as well as the Diamond Jubilee celebrations so there are plenty of modern tourist attractions as well as those that hold the keys to Britain’s heritage.

As for the figures that have been made available to support this campaign – spending has increased by 52% over the Australian market; more than 3 million Australians visited London over the past five years and those tourists have spent approximately £2.2 billion in the UK capital.

This campaign will appear across a variety of networks and channels including online (websites such as Yahoo!, BBC and Ninemsn Gourment Traveller), in the travel sections of major newspapers, on the Radio, in the travel trade’s media circuit and of course, finally, on social media – where would we be without it?

Contact Virgin Atlantic directly via the contact details list on the following link or alternatively read more about this campaign at

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