UPS News Update: UPS Launch New Service

Time/Temperature Sensitive Deliveries

UPS News Update: UPS have launched a new service that essentially insures clients’ products for damage or delay for time and temperature sensitive products. As one of the biggest logistics companies in the world, UPS are looking to constantly develop and improve their services. Most recently they have launched a shipment monitoring and risk management service for those shipments that are time and/or temperature sensitive. This expansion in service makes them increasingly more elite and appealing to customers. With the world now being so easily connected on an international level the demand for parcels and letters and so on to be transported around the globe is also high, so the better a service you can offer the better your business will do.

“The UPS Proactive Response Secure, service is designed to help in ensuring shipments reach their destinations.

It guarantees up to the retail value, in addition to other costs, when unexpected events occur – including weather delays.

“This is the highest level of service we offer. By leveraging our proprietary technology, UPS can identify shipments that will be impacted by a delay,” said Bill Hook, vice president of UPS global healthcare strategy.

UPS Proactive Response Secure is available throughout the US and for outbound shipments to the UK and other European Union countries.

The new Proactive Response Secure service is optimal for healthcare shipments, including specialty pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostic specimens, implantable surgical materials and clinical trial shipments. It also is effective in other industries with high-value shipments or time- or temperature-sensitive needs.”

Another part of the reason UPS are so successful stems from the way the company was first started. James E ‘Jim’ Casey began operating in 1907 with a simple messenger service that delivered messages, ran errands, delivered parcels, packages, food, baggage and notes to anywhere in Seattle, Washington. When they first started out the transport system was somewhat different to what it is today, there were very few cars around and most department stores still used horse and carts to transport their produce. Jim’s gang of messengers (his younger brother and some friends) largely delivered their service on foot or occasionally on bicycle. Today they have to stay ahead of the game in different ways; the progression in transport is not as rapid as it was in the early Twentieth century. The modest company became very popular very fast and this was largely due to Jim’s strict policies: customer courtesy, reliability, round-the-clock service and low rates. UPS still function on these policies to this day.

This article was originally sourced from For more information on UPS and the services they offer, visit for the contact details that will connect you straight through to UPS’ customer service department.

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