UPS News Update: In-Store 3D Printing Services Offered

UPS Stores 3D Printing

UPS news update: UPS have become the first company to offer in-store 3D printing to their small business and retail customers as well as start up companies.

News Updates for UPS

The UPS Store will become the first US retailer to offer an in-store 3D printing service, albeit only at selected stores across the country. Start-up companies, small businesses and retail customers will be able to use these services just in San Diego initially but the company are looking to rapidly branch out across the United States.

The decision to offer this service has come as a result of a poll of small business owners who showed a high level of interest in these services. Most often it was reported that the companies would be interested in using them when they need to create prototypes or promotional material.

3D printers in themselves are extremely expensive so buying one just to use for gimmicky advertising campaigns may not be financial sensible or viable for small companies but they would pay for the service if they had the option. Of course for UPS this also opens up the possibility of more capital for them – give the customers what they want.

It is the Stratasys uPrint SE Plus printer is the equipment they are currently testing in light of setting this service up. Stratasys are renowned for their accurate printing of documents, far more accurately than any home printer can offer. Ultimately, this printer will allow the UPS stores to offer the printing of items such as engineering parts, acting props, architectural models and so on and so forth.

It is not just 3D printing that the UPS Stores offer. There are a range of services that meet small businesses’ and start up companies’ needs like packing, shipping, printing, faxing, direct mail and mailbox services. They can both send and receive in terms of the last two points listed here. UPS know how to assist the business and retail customers and are willing to create unique opportunities tailored to them in particular.

UPS News Update

If you are interested in taking the offer of the UPS stores’ services up for your company, contact them directly and discuss your options with their customer services team. You can stay up to date with UPS’ business dealings and news updates on the news feed on our website; Customer Services Contact. 3D printing, particularly at this stage in its life, can draw a great deal of attention for your company so a gimmicky advertising campaign may get you a lot of interest; which often leads to business.

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