UPS News Update: Fire At Distribution Centre

UPS Fire Farmington

UPS news update: UPS are conducting an investigation into how one of their distribution centres in Farmington, Missouri came to be on fire at 1am on Monday.

UPS found themselves in a difficult situation on Monday evening as one of their many distribution centres caught ablaze with one employee inside. Said employee escaped the centre unscathed but the parcels waiting to be distributed were not so fortunate.

Throughout Monday the employees of the branch in Farmington were hard at work making all the necessary repairs so that they could get back up and running. All those set to receive the packages being processed in the centre were notified with an apology attached.

The total destruction that was caused included three trucks and a significant portion of the building, but fortunately it only took approximately 30 minutes to get the blaze under control and as detailed, fortunately the one member of staff still present on-site escaped without any injuries.

Todd Mecey, the Fire Chief for Farmington stated that he would be calling in support staff including the state fire marshal in order to establish a criminal investigation as the circumstances surrounding the start of the fire were suspicious and needed investigating.

UPS News Update

The incident was however substantial enough to demand support from surrounding fire departments including Park Hills, Desloge and Big River as well as the team from Wolf Creek Fire Protection Department responding to call at a different distribution centre located just a few blocks away but that occurred at around the same time.

The assistance provided by Wolf Creek was invaluable as even after they completed the task at the local distribution centre, they continued to make sure they were available for other calls that may have come in and required attention.

UPS were forced to kick start their damage limitation procedures as well as get the word out to all of the clients who were sending and receiving parcels through this distribution centre so that they were aware of the hold up and problems. Apologies were sent out and due to the exceptional nature of the circumstances most likely accepted and not begrudged, as much of an inconvenience as it may be.

As one of the largest and most successful logistics companies in the world UPS are accustomed to offering the highest quality customer service and therefore will have solutions for rectifying the situation. If you need to contact the customer services department at UPS, use the UPS phone number listed here.

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