United Utilities News Update: Lancaster Road Closures

Lancaster Bulk Road Road Works

United Utilities news update: major works at the beginning of August on Bulk Road, Lancaster may cause serious delays for motorists’ Monday morning commute.

The £18 million works that are underway in Lancaster through August aim to improve the sewerage system and clean the bathing waters of Morecambe. It is the River Lune that supplies said waters and the project will aim to improve the cleanliness of both river and bay.

The caution comes from utilities provider company United Utilities. They are warning motorists using Bulk Road, that there will lane closures that last for four weeks. The road is located near Parliament Street Retail Park and with it being the school holidays, the delays could be significant.

While Phoenix Street will be entirely closed, St Leonards Gate between Bulk Road and Rosemary Lane will become a one-way street. This is intended to alleviate the strain of the traffic but the warning remains in place with the advice that if you do not need to travel through Lancaster or can find an alternative route, do.

United Utilities News Update

United Utilities are doing all they can to assist motorists with their commutes. On the first morning for instance they have promised to provide staff to direct traffic and ensure that all the previously provided signs that have warned drivers of these disruptions, are in place and everyone can get to where they need to be.

It might be frustrating for drivers, shoppers and commuters but the ultimate result will see a significant improvement in the cleanliness of the water travelling around the Lancaster area. An underground storage tank will be installed below the retail park on Parliament Street and it will then be connected to the sewer already in place under Bulk Road.

The extra water that flows through these channels during heavy rain will be collected in this storage tank and then channelled into the existing sewer so that the dirty water will no longer have to over-spill into the river.

If you would like more information about United Utilities, this project or any other project that they are undertaking to improve the cleanliness of the water in the UK, call the United Utilities customer service department. They will be able to offer assistance with any enquiry you have but they also have the details of their £3.5 billion investment scheme. This will be running between 2010 and 2015 and is dedicated to providing a cleaner environment and better quality water for the UK. The project in Lancaster is just one of the projects that the company are funding.

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