United Utilities News Update: Apologies Go Out To Urmston Area

davyhulme treatment works

United Utilities news update: The utilities company have issued an apology following a run of bad smells emanating from their Davyhulme treatment plant.

The sewage treatment plant located in the Urmston area has experienced some issues with the treatment system as less sewage is flowing into the treatment works. Therefore when it does finally arrive, the sewage is more resilient and the works struggle to handle it, meaning it lingers in the works longer still.

This problem was compounded by the long period of dry, hot weather that the area experience earlier in the year which affected the smell as well as the amount of sewage flowing in from the Manchester area.

Davyhulme is the largest sewage treatment plant in the North West of England with two treatment channels on site. A further factor that contributed to this poor smell was the necessary care work that had to be carried out on one of these channels. As one was removed for cleaning and general care, the other had to carry the whole of the waste for the area. This second stream has been returned to function once again but the community have been warned that there will be a slight delay before the smell is fully removed.

United Utilities News Update

The nature of sewage treatment means bacteria and microbes are used in the process and therefore it’s a living process, this also means it can decay. The metaphor the spokesman for United Utilities used however was that the Davyhulme sewage treatment plant suffered from a bad case of indigestion. The sewage, or food in the metaphor, was too rich for the comfort of the system.

Reports have shown that the system is improving all the time but there is no instant fix and therefore the process will be gradual. United Utilities have enlisted the assistance of an independent expert who is evaluating the state of the treatment works and providing feedback for any areas that might benefit from any extra attention.

There has been some intervention from the local MP as she expressed her concerns over the welfare of the community living with the bad smell as the problem persisted. One of the major points that she highlighted was her concern over the lack of assurance that the sewage works would not encounter the same problem in the future. Until she gets a satisfactory response she has vowed to apply pressure to United Utilities on behalf of her community.

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