Toyota News Update: The Future is Green

Toyota Hybrid

Toyota news update: Major investment in green energy is paying dividends for the big motor car company, displaying new products at the Frankfurt motor show.

The theme of green energy is rife around the Frankfurt motor show this year but Toyota have made moves to out-do all the competition and have displayed a 12 car strong team all of which incorporate the hybrid engine.

The idea behind this is to demonstrate the progress the engine has made and how it is now coming into its own. It is a key piece of technology that will help motor companies with the emissions battle.

Toyota’s sales are indicative of how impressive the hybrid engine is and how highly regarded it is in both the consumer market and within the motor world. They sold just short of 110000 hybrid powered cars through Europe in 2012 – that meant their share of the market was 65%. They are looking to increase this by a further 10% this year.

Toyota News Update

While there are constant questions about whether companies do make profit on their hybrid cars but Toyota have been making hybrids for 14 years, are now on their third generation of hybrids and are still reporting good profits.

The developments in hybrid technology means that they have recently launched a plug-in car where drivers can recharge their batteries. Early reports show that Toyota’s version is doubling the sales of its closest rival. Currently the power provided by these cars are only really suitable for short, largely inner-city travel but the basic technology is there are it’s all about development from here.

Rumour has it that the next step will include a combination with fuel cells and that could mark the first step towards the best eco-car on the market.

Largely the next step will revolve around the economic recovery of the European market as Toyota have made the next step in development and have invested a further £4.4billion that should tide them over until the spring of 2014. When the new plug-in car is released in 2015 Toyota are also hoping to see a rise in car sales as the economy recovers.

In addition to this investment, £155m has been directed towards the Derbyshire factory where they have been granted the manufacturing for the new Auris touring sports range.

More information on the development of Toyota’s cars and the technology they use, click here. You can also find all of the relevant contact information for the Toyota customer services department at Customer Services Contact.

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