Toyota News Update: Hybrid-R Concept Launched

Toyota Hybrid-R

Toyota news update: Ahead of the annual Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota have been testing a 400hp hybrid vehicle that introduces the race track to the city.

The annual Frankfurt Motor Show is set to get underway in September and it draws the attention of auto-manufacturers across the globe. This has lead to all of the companies sending teasers of information out into the ether in order to entice some of the spectators and fans.

Toyota are just one of the many companies who are doing this and in-keeping with the expected theme, are offering a hybrid car that will combine improved fuel consumption with the excellent performance standards that drivers have come to expect from Toyota. They have titled it the Hybrid-R. This should also mean that the standards that racing cars need to meet will be introduced to the streets for the average driver to enjoy.

The Hybrid-R will include a dual-mode powertrain that runs on a gas powered engine with electric motors, although it remains unconfirmed the exact structure of this it has been confidently stated by Toyota that the car can reach in excess of 400hp. It is the hybrid nature of this structure that will allow the car to have the power and performance necessary to function comfortably on both the average road and the racetrack.

Toyota News Update

The first example of Toyota using this concept, although this is a newer and more sophisticated version, was in the TS030 Hybrid race car that was entered in the FIA World Endurance Championships ad Toyota Racing also drove in the 2013 Goodwood Festival. The TS030 drove the rear wheels with a naturally aspirated 530hp V8 engine and then reserved the energy that was recovered during braking in a super capacitor which was then regenerated and directed back to the rear wheels which received up to 300hp of power to give an additional surge of power. This is done through an electric motor in the gearbox.

In addition to Toyota offering their hybrid, Stuttgart and Munich will unveil their most prestigious hybrids at the show as well as BMW launching their i8 and the Porsche 918 Spyder will begin production too.

For more information on Toyota, visit the Customer Services Contact website. On there you can find all the contact information necessary for Toyota which will allow you to speak with their customer services department and have any enquiry you might have answered immediately but you can also read all of the latest post articles about Toyota.

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