TomTom News Update: TomTom Release Link 100

TomTom Link 100

TomTom news update: TomTom have launched some new technology for connecting smartphones to vehicles so real-time information can be gathered to help drivers.

The technology company’s Business Solutions departments have developed a new device – the TomTom Link 100 dongle – which allows for drivers to connect their smartphones and their vehicles and receive real-time traffic and travel information. It should enhance the driving experience and allow for a more sophisticated level of satellite navigation.

It is important to note however that the device will not report any information relating to the driver or vehicle location.

However these systems will also allow for breakdown, insurance and hire car companies to all develop technologies that allow for them to offer an enhanced level of service as well. The Link 100 will gather information such as engine rpm, load and temperature from the car as well so that details such as fuel consumption can be accurately evaluated.

Due to be released at the end of 2013 the Link 100 is expected to take off with a bang and the information gathering device will be able to offer up-to-date information for drivers that includes things like accidents. For insurance products that are evaluated based on their usage, the Link 100 will offer information that allows more accurate information – like the number of miles the car is used for.

TomTom News Update

The possibilities really, are endless. For car hire firms they can be more assured of the usage their cars are being subjected to offer them a chance to reduce risks. Car manufacturers can offer ongoing maintenance for their cars as they can gather data and alert the drivers to repairs that may need to be carried out in order to maintain the car’s safety.

TomTom’s new development will also allow for drivers to evaluate their driving and look at where improvements can be made. Perhaps they find that they break sharply regularly which is having an impact on their brakes and should they decrease their speed they will most likely find that these effects will be countered.

TomTom are leaders in technology particularly for cars with many of their products now coming as standard on brand new cars and although this device is not yet on the market if it successfully offers the high level of service that it currently promises, there is a high possibility that this too will become a standard fixture.

If you are interested in learning more about TomTom and the products they offer either contact their customer services department directly or visit the TomTom website.

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