TomTom News Update: Latest Technology Update Propels TomTom

New Technology for TomTom Sat Navs

TomTom news update: The latest software update for their satellite navigation products has returned technology company TomTom back to the top of the market.

Kitted out to the highest specification in terms of bells and whistles, the Skoda Yeti and its satellite navigation system has pushed the technology company back up the ladder and are now back at the top of the game.

TomTom started out in 1991 and have since then proven themselves to be more than competent with directions and technology with their initial focus being on commercial applications. It was 11 years later that their first satellite navigation technology machine first hit the market and even they were barely recognisable to what we know now.

In excess of 60 million sat-navs, 1.4 million mobile apps, 2 million car-dashboard sets have been shipped since this modest beginning, the last two since 2010 when in-car navigation started to really take off in terms of being pre-installed.

TomTom News Update

The details that TomTom includes reach across more than 200 countries, 35 million kilometres of road all of which are explained in 45 languages assist the five billion people who take up the services of TomTom.

Some research was carried out to see just how accurate the information sent to each of cars really is, this was carried out with the assistance of senior project manager of content operations in the UK who assured the researchers that the information is gathered and redistributed in ‘layers’.

This starts with the core landscape factors such as roads, rivers, railways and then on top of that comes the names of each of these along with speed limits etc. Once these are firmly in place car parks, petrol stations and other generic landmarks are added and finally current events, or ‘Live Services’ are added. This entails road works, traffic congestion, speed cameras and so on that advise drivers by the minute of the issues facing drivers.

These layers allow for TomTom to build the information necessary for new domains by using old information that is relevant. The technology is so highly developed that the satellite navigation company are able to organise these new domains and make moves into less-developed countries before the demand is truly there.

If you are interested in taking TomTom up on one the offers put forward here, contact their customer services department and speak with a member of the team. All of the relevant contact information can be found by following this link

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