Thorpe Park News Update: Two Tickets Worth £91 Available in The Sun

The Sun Thorpe Park Free Tickets

Thorpe Park news update: tabloid newspaper The Sun will, throughout August, be giving readers the chance to get two free tickets worth £91 to Thorpe Park.

As of Saturday 10th August 2013 The Sun will begin the process of a voucher collection system for customers to obtain two tickets to Thorpe Park that are worth £91 if bought by the customers.

Thorpe Park is one of the most visited theme parks in the UK and hosts some of Europe’s most exciting rides like The Swarm, Stealth, Colossus, Nemesis Inferno and Saw – The Ride.

The first listed here, The Swarm, is the UK’s first winged roller-coaster and involves its passengers who chose to ride backwards being spun round 180 degrees and sent hurtling towards myriad near-misses and down 127ft. Saw – The Ride offers the chance to be scared out of your wits as you are hurled towards a ‘beyond vertical’ 100ft drop.

Those visitors who remain dissatisfied with the adrenaline kicks they should in theory have received from these rides can take their chance on Stealth which sends its passengers up 205 feet at a speed of 80mph in less than 2 seconds. If they still desire more, Colossus has ten loops that can send the sturdiest of heads spinning and finally Nemesis Inferno provides a white knuckle inducing ride.

There are of course height restrictions on these rides and those younger visitors who desire an adrenaline rush may have to miss out on these rides but there are dozens more that will allow them to get the kick they’re searching for. X, an indoor roller-coaster, takes them through a series of waves of light and sound. Zodiac defies gravity and Quantum takes them on a magic carpet ride.

Just in case this wasn’t enough you could take the water route and test out one of the five water rides suitable for the whole family. Tidal Wave, Storm Surge and Logger’s Leap the classic log flume ride offer a range of excitement from sky-high, spinning fun to super-soaking.

If you’re exhausted after all of this why not hit The Crash Pad with family and friends alike as it offers the best post-fun relaxing entertainment, bed and breakfast included.

In order to get all of this, start collecting tokens in The Sun as of the 10th August 2013. The newspaper will be publishing sixteen tokens and all you need to do is collect eight that have different numbers on them. However, don’t forget that if you’re a Sun+ member, you only need to collect seven out of sixteen tokens AND you’re able to get a free ride photo worth £8 as well.

Once you have achieved this you can retrieve your two free tickets that are worth £91. The last thing that needs doing is to fill out the booking form on The Sun website and tell them when it is that you would like to have this fun filled day. Click Here for more information on Thorpe Park.

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