Thorpe Park News Update: Stay Over at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Crash Pad

Thorpe Park news update: Travelling for a day of rollercoaster-oriented fun can be tiring but now you can stay over at Thorpe Park to ease the tiredness.

With it being on the outskirts of London and being one of the most popular destinations for adrenaline hunters, Thorpe Park have expanded their customers’ options and now have an on-site overnight stay location – The Crash Pad.

Thorpe Park offers a huge array of rides including five water rides and five major rollercoasters. It depends on the type of trip you intend to have, thrill-seekers can easily track down these rides and spend the whole day being sent 205ft in the air at a speed of 0-80mph in 2 seconds (Stealth) or they can avoid them like the plague.

Other rides that will split people into two queues – one for the ride, one to leave the park – include Saw: The Ride, The Swarm, Samurai, Slammer, The Detonator, Colossus, Quantum and many many more. The list is almost endless and you can certainly find something for the whole family.

Whichever is the preferred path, the intrepid visitor can now ease their tiredness from the day at the same time as getting more time to spend in the park by staying overnight in the new hotel.

The Crash Pad offers a cleverly designed sleepy situation for up to four people. The rooms are small but come with everything a family of four (for example) could possibly need – four beds, one double and two in bunk form, a bathroom, shelves and a wardrobe, a television and more toiletries and water than you could ever need for one night. But then you’d hope you got plenty for the price it costs, before you realise that includes a two-day pass.

This means that those visitors who want to get the absolute maximum out of their visit can spend two full days at the park without having to travel either side of the days. Through the summer months the park is open from 10-10 most days, this drops to 10-5 during the week and just offering the 12 hour times at the weekends when everyone returns to school.

Thus, if you’re interested in visiting the theme park and taking them up on the offer of staying overnight at The Crash Pad you can find all the information you could ever need either on the Thorpe Park website – – or by contacting the customer services department. All of the contact information is available at

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