Thorpe Park News Update: New and Improved Fright Nights

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

Thorpe Park news updates: The theme park has announced an updated version of their Fright Nights event that have been scaring guests for thirteen years now.

Now that the theme park have established their Fright Nights for more than a decade, Thorpe Park have looked to develop the event and offer an even more inclusive experience. The theme park, based just outside of London, will be disguised as a film studio and the deranged director will be bringing all your favourite scary movies to life.

“Fright Nights will be presented with Lionsgate UK, one of the world’s leading global entertainment companies. Jason Wills, THORPE PARK Marketing Director, said ‘We are hugely excited about this partnership with Lionsgate. Fright Nights promises to be horrifically immersive, yet entertaining.  A team of specially-trained scare actors is being recruited to deliver what will undoubtedly be the UK’s premier Halloween event – near London, without the need to go to Florida’

Guy Avshalom, COO, Lionsgate UK, said ‘We are delighted to be partnering with THORPE PARK particularly following the success of our collaboration on the world’s first horror movie themed roller coaster SAW – The Ride and live action horror maze, SAW Alive. The mix of the Park’s world-class roller coasters and our acclaimed horror films will be a surefire win with thrill seekers and horror fans alike’.

Thorpe Park News Update

Attractions for Fright Nights 2013 include:

My Bloody Valentine 3D- Maze: ‘Ignoring the obvious gimmickness of the 3D, My Bloody Valentine was a decent horror film with some nasty gas masked protagonists. Expect this maze to be dark and claustrophobic and to be a retheme of the existing Experiment Ten containers.’

Cabin in the Woods- Maze: The genre bending horror film that divided audiences. Will the maze concentrate on the cabin itself or the secret underground facility and the different monsters within?. It is believed this will be sited where Hellgate and The Passing have been in previous years.

The Asylum- Maze: Although not officially announced, we understand that The Asylum will return with a twist. At ScareCon, the park teased us with this Dead Silence image, so might the attraction get a mini makeover to bring these characters to the maze? Apart from a few cosmetic touches, the general experience should be similar to previously.

Saw Live- Maze: The existing Saw Alive maze will return to its current location moored near to Saw The Ride. With the budget and expense with the other mazes it is expected that Saw Alive will remain pretty much the same as previously. We could be wrong though!

Blair Witch Project: The film played on the unknown and the feeling of being lost in a spooky wood. Recently work has started on the old Canada Creek Railway so this attraction is expected to either use the train or be a walk along the tracks.

You’re Next- Roaming Characters: This brand new horror movie opens late August and has a cast of serial killers in animal masks stalking and hunting a large house full of guests. It is believed that these creatures will be roaming around the park looking for their next victims.”

For more information on Thorpe Park and any of the events they host, contact their customer services department directly. This article was originally published on

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