Thomson Contact Number

We list the Thomson contact number that connects callers straight through to the customer services department to have any and all enquiries answered.

Thomson are one of the biggest travel agents in the UK and assist customers with their holiday plans throughout the year. There are times of the year when they experience a higher number of enquiries due to there being preferences for when to travel – school holidays for instance – but this does not mean that they alter their level of customer service. Whenever you call the Thomson contact number on 0844 800 4285 and you will be connected immediately through to the customer services department and will be greeted by a friendly and helpful customer service assistant.

Calling Thomson

There are countless questions that customers want to ask when they’re going on holiday and the employees at Thomson are acutely aware of this and this is why their customer services team are willing to assist with any enquiry you might have. This could be anything from enquiries about refunds or alterations to your travel arrangements or simply confirmation of your payment, the employees populating the telephones are more than willing to assist you. Call the Thomson contact number whenever it is most convenient for you.

Due to the nature of their business their customer services department is separated into individual sections, so when you call the Thomson contact number you are first connected to an automated menu that requests that you choose an option. This means that if you call the Thomson contact number during normal working hours – Monday to Friday 9am-5pm – you can discuss any and all topics pertaining to Thomson but if you need to contact Thomson for an emergency reason, perhaps at a less than sociable hour, you can dial 0844 800 4285 and select that option and receive tailored advice for your enquiry.

Using the Thomson Contact Number 0844 800 4285

Whatever the reason for calling Thomson, whenever you need to call them, the Thomson contact number that we list here is priced to make sure you are not left with a sky-high phone bill at the end of the conversation. Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. We are not affiliated with this or any company listed on this website It must also be noted that all callers must have the bill payer’s permission to place the call and be aged 18 years of age or older.

More about Thomson:

Thomson are providers of fantastic holiday memories, and have been for decades now, but how much do you actually know about one of the UK’s biggest holiday and travel operator? The company was founded in 1965 by Roy Thomson who had recently acquired four of the biggest tour operators in the UK – SKytours, Riviera, Luxitours and the airline Brittania Airways. The competition between these four operators continued even after they were bought out, which allowed the new Thomson brand to fall behind rival Clarksons Travel Group. Unable at first to get their businesses to act reasonably, it appeared Thomson had no strategy to fight their way back into the market. In 1971 Brian Llewellyn was appointed as the Managing Director and an entirely new board of directors was created and so was a new strategy, to fold all their businesses together and rebrand as Thomson Holidays, a brand which would allow them to push a single message – great holidays for everyone. This plan was about bringing incredibly low prices to consumers, and quickly hit the headlines for offering 4 day holidays in Majorca for £19. This pressure forced the once dominant Clarksons Travel Group to go into administration, followed closely by Horizon Holidays. Thomson then bought out the high street travel agents Lunn Poly, giving them a large high street presence and firmly cementing them as part of the British holiday landscape.

Today, Thomson Holidays are still taken by millions of Brits across the nation and have created countless hours of precious memories that will stick with us forever.

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