Thomas Cook News Update: Thomas Cook Put the Brakes on Rail Timetable

Thomas Cook stop publication of European train timetable

Thomas Cook news update: The travel operators’ European train timetable will publish its last edition this year as it continues its ongoing restructuring.

Despite it having been in operation for 140 years and it being the must-have train travellers’ guide around Europe allowing them to instantly analyse the schedule so they can organise their journey. The current edition – August 2013 – is the 1526th edition and it will be the last one published. It has included a back-page message however that encourages readers to look back at how the first edition available through a digitally restored version.

This first edition appeared as a guide through Europe based on the travellers journeying for 40 days and offering advice on the best buffets and smoking carriages. It harks back to the arguably more sophisticated and graceful era for train travel and includes contemporary advertisements that remind readers of that era. Back in 1873 the timetable appeared as ‘Cook’s Continental Time Tables’.

Thomas Cook News Update

The decision has come as part of Thomas Cook’s on-going restructuring that allows for the company to expand and cater evermore effectively to their customers’ needs and desires.

The Baedeker, the age’s most sought after guidebook, used Cook’s Continental Time Tables as a supplement to allow travellers to have all of the information they need for travelling to hand. The information that these companions provided the Victorian traveller was almost invaluable; the 7am train that ran from Rome to Florence took more than 13 hours whereas the 9am took less than 10.

While information is much more readily available in the era of the internet and mobile communications that allow for permanent connectivity, nothing carries quite the same character and charm that the train timetable offers. There is no room in this era for additional information including the maps, city plans and guides, details of services and scenic routes that are unparalleled and allow for a more fulfilling journey.

Journey times have sped up with the natural progression of technology, both automotive and otherwise, but nothing can detract from the essence of the first format of Thomas Cook’s European train timetable. Despite the banality of the sentiment, Nicky Gardner the co-editor of Hidden Europe magazine endorsed the publication as one not to leave the home without.

After 140 years and just five months after Thomas Cook’s website boasted it as a must-have for travellers of all ilks and purposes, the publication is no more, at least not with any association with Thomas Cook. Admittedly this may not be the very end of the line with the possibility that another company will bite their hands off to have a finger in the timetable pie, but news of that will be announced later in the year.

Follow the link for more information on Thomas Cook, or alternatively contact the Thomas Cook customer service department for all enquiries.

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