Thomas Cook News Update: Break-even Figures Expected for Third Quarter

Thomas Cook Third Quarter Takings

Thomas Cook news update: Travel operator Thomas Cook are heading towards a key landmark on their road to recovery after reporting serious losses in 2012.

It is expected that Thomas Cook’s third quarter takings will show that the company have broken even which is a significant point for the company to reach after suffering losses throughout 2012.

The travel company have been carefully guided by the hands of Harriet Green who has been with the company about one year now. She used to be with the electronics company Premier Farnell but was summoned by the powers that be to assist with Thomas Cook’s recovery. Said recovery was needed after the company requested an emergency injection of cash in 2011.

Thomas Cook are Britain’s oldest travel operator and are therefore, generally speaking, trusted by the public and receive a high volume of customers through the door every day seeking their next adventure. At the end of July 2013, with families across the country looking to escape from the world of school and work, Thomas Cook will be announcing their latest figures, to be precise their third quarter takings. The losses of near £30m reported at the same time last year will seem a long way off when they report that they have broken even, it is expected.

Thomas Cook News Update

Travel operators often struggle through the UK’s winter months up to March each year but in May 2013 Thomas Cook registered a £390.9m loss, before tax, from September 2012 to March 2013. If they do meet expectations and break even at the end of July, they will be set to fit into the traditional category of making most of their profits through the summer months. A positive sign that they are returning to their old, reliable standard.

The way Green has gone about rebuilding Thomas Cook’s reputation and economic stance has been to restructure their airlines. She has combined the UK, German and Belgian airlines and sold their Canadian division which was proving to not make profit.

There have been countless reasons for the company’s losses and gains but it is certainly clear that the UK’s long winter of 2012-13, closely followed by the cool spring climate, has lead to many families opting to take summer breaks to the warm climes of Southern Europe and Mediterranean islands.

For more information on Thomas Cook and the offers that they have for travellers, contact their customer services department or visit the Thomas Cook website.

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