The Value of Customer Service in the Internet Age

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The Effects Of Customer Service

The following article looks at ways in which to identify problems within customer service and then how to overcome these problems.

Customer service has always been an extremely important part of any business. Competition dictates that if you aren’t providing a competitive enough service, then people will migrate to somewhere which does. It’s a simple enough theory, and one which has ensured that businesses wishing to stay afloat treat their customers with the respect they deserve.
It’s not just that though, customers who feel wronged often tell their friends about the experience, and if the story is compelling enough, they might also tell their friends. Within no time at all, you’ve gotten a poor name for yourself despite most people never having used your service. Previously, this wasn’t so much of a problem given the constant footfall of the town centre or for businesses that offered a novelty nobody else could, but today, everything has changed.
If we take that theory of friends telling friends and apply it to the Internet, we’ve got some cause for alarm. The average number of Facebook friends any member has is 141, that’s a gigantic audience in which to air your grievances, and a potentially extremely dangerous one. Twitter poses an entirely different threat, because every tweet is searchable, a simple search can turn up every comment made about your business, and if they paint an unflattering picture, it could turn potential customers into thin air.
Even worse, if your business partially relies on traffic from search engines, then review websites could stop people before they even get to your homepage. Why? Lots of these review websites rank very highly in the search engines, and there’s a fine chance that the first somebody finds relating to you is a big pile of reviews telling people to stay away. Sound like a nightmare? That’s because it is.


Building On Customer Service

Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Indeed, the internet has given customers the ability to hold a magnifying glass to your faults (in public, no less), but with good customer service, it need never get this way. In fact, the vast majority of good reviews relating to businesses are simply because when a problem arose for the customer, the business was friendly, attentive and eager to help out. If you apply these principles to your business you can turn the internet from a dangerous pit of snakes into a wonderful promotion tool for your business. It really is as simple as that, and it all starts with a smile.

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