The Don’ts of Customer Services

Customer Service: Do not’s

Good customer service often focuses on the must-do aspects, but knowing what not to do can be just as important. In your training and development programme you should explain to staff any behaviours that are not acceptable, as well as those that are absolutely necessary. Giving them clear examples of how not to do things will ensure they gain a clear picture of what a rounded customer experience should be like.
Here are the five main do not’s which will help you deliver great customer service every single time.

1. DON’T sacrifice the offline experience for online
More and more shoppers are heading online but this does not mean you can afford to sacrifice the offline experience. Ensure your physical presence is as effective as your virtual one in every way. It is a fatal mistake to suggest that online customers are given precedence over offline shoppers. In both situations be sure to offer a consistent experience that shouts good things about your company. You should also ensure the two are linked so that if a representative instructs a customer via email to visit a store for a refund, the store in question is aware that this communication has taken place.

2. DON’T oversell
Making promises you cannot keep is not going to make for happy customers. Do not make grand statements about what you can provide if you will find it difficult to follow through. Only build up customer expectations if you are sure you can meet them, otherwise they will leave dissatisfied and take their custom elsewhere.

3. DON’T treat customers as numbers
Failure to recognise that customers are people is sure to bring problems. Treating them simply as transactions and figures means you will not be effective in meeting their wants and expectations. Customers still want that human touch and appreciate good service more than ever, so demonstrate that you value them at every opportunity.

4. DON’T blame customers
Customers do not want to be blamed for the poor service they receive. Your call centre may be busy, but callers should not be made to feel like it is their fault for ringing at a time that suits them. Plan your resources carefully so that you can predict busy times and adjust things accordingly. If you have just launched a new campaign or product; expect to be busy – bring in extra staff and make sure everyone knows their role.

5. DON’T hide
Poor service should not be blamed on computer problems or company procedures. A badly deigned process for customer service should not be blamed – it should be improved. Telling customers’ that you cannot help because you have to speak to a manager and no-one is available is not acceptable. Poor communication skills, a lack of training and bad management and procedures will hinder the customer service you can offer, so change them, don’t blame them.

This article looked specifically at the do not’s of customer care. Understanding how a customer will react to a certain stimuli is extremely important. These posts are regularly updated twice a week and more so on the website at our post feed. Here, we have updated information on departments as well as offer a wide range for both contacting and providing research to see what other companies are doing. An example is the Wonga customer care number which has an average call duration of just 3 minutes. How does this indicate to you? Efficient or unhelpful service? Try it out for yourself.

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