TalkTalk News Updates: Customers Recruited To Trail New Upgrade

TalkTalk News Updates

TalkTalk News Update: The company are currently recruiting users to test out a system upgrade which allows the streaming of internet channels.
The telecoms provider is trying out a news service that is an improvement of their previous one. They are currently recruiting users to test out the new updated service.

The service will combine FreeView channels with the company’s current television channels that are streamed through a broadband connection. It will therefore mean that consumers will not need to open the TalkTalk Player in order to view their pay-television channels such as Sky 1 and 2.

Although customers are able to test out this new service, the company have said that it is unlikely that it will be available immediately. They predict that the amount of consumers for this service will start out small and the process slow, but eventually the amount of users will start to steadily incline over the couple of months after it’s release.

The internet channels that the telecoms provider want to introduce include MTV, Nickelodeon and National Geographic as well as other channels already available within the company’s online player and make them accessible through the YouView TV Guide. The idea is that both the TalkTalk channels and FreeView channels will be available altogether within one user menu.

Updates on TalkTalk

This upgrade will only apply to the Huawei YouView box on a broadband connection, however they are not the only company who have had this idea. Both BT and and YouView are creating very similar changes and upgrades to the Humax YouView box. For this reason, although a good initiative, the telecoms provider will need to think up new ways in making this idea unique and slightly different from the competitors’.

The upgrade is meant to provide a much better and smoother viewing experience for the consumer, as well as making the service a lot simpler and easier to use. For example, each programme will be listed under the category it falls into so consumers do not need to search through a whole unorganised list of programmes to find the one they want.

Any TalkTalk customer is able to volunteer to trail the new system upgrade and therefore if you would like more information on this opportunity or have a different enquiry you can ring the TalkTalk contact number whereby you can speak to their customer services department. Alternatively, you can view the latest products on their official website.

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