TalkTalk News Update: Rise In Prices For October 2013

TalkTalk increase prices for September

TalkTalk News Updates

TalkTalk News Update: The telecoms company have announced a rise in their prices from October 2013, in order to provide the best service and value.

The UK telecoms company has recently announced that they will be increasing the prices of their current services in October later this year. The services the company offers includes broadband, a mobile network service, a television service and telecommunications. However, the services that are planned to increase in price are their broadband, line and phone rental services.

On average, it appear that these services will only increase by approximately one pound, but TalkTalk say they are still significantly cheaper than other major competitors. However, it appears that this statement is true as when an identical package deal is compared between major competitors Virgin Media, BT and Sky, their price including the forecasted increase, is still considerably less. Consumers will therefore still be able to have a budget price for a quality service.

Updates For TalkTalk

When questioned about their rise in prices the company stated that in order to improve the telecoms business and give their consumers the best experience and service possible, investing into the company is necessary and extremely worthwhile. They have said that although their prices will be increasing, they are still affordable and the cheapest of that service on the market.

TalkTalk pride themselves on providing the best service for their consumers and are always thinking up new ways that they are able to save their customers money. The company have also announced that they will be improving and working on their customer services in term of training and improving the technology involved, something that will cost money but is to benefit the consumer experience. It has also been rumoured that with increased demand, the telecoms company is employing and sending out more of their engineers to consumer’s homes to replace old equipment and check everything is working at the correct speed and it’s best ability; again this costs money and explains why prices will increase.

If you are a TalkTalk customer and have a question about your current tariff or would just like more information on the price rise, you can contact their helpline where a customer services assistant will be happy to help with your enquiry. Alternatively, if you would like more information on the products and services they have to offer, you can visit their official website by clicking here.

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