TalkTalk News Update: Most Complained-About Company

TalkTalk most complained about company

TalkTalk news update: Telecommunications company TalkTalk are being forced to look at their customer service department again as they are voted most complained-about company.

As one of the major communications companies operating in the UK, TalkTalk are constantly dealing with customer enquiries. It is vital that all companies offer high customer service but it has been reported to TalkTalk chief exec that they were the most complained-about landline provider company. Dido Harding received this news in June 2013 and had to accept that this was a not a new statistic.

“Regulator Ofcom said TalkTalk received 0.39 complaints per 1000 customers in the first three months of this year — double the industry average and up slightly on the rate of 0.36 seen before Christmas.

Customers mainly complained about service faults and complaints handling, although Harding has improved the situation compared with recent years.

Other Companies’ Statistics

BT’s level of landline complaints was steady at 0.20 per 1000 customers, while Sky had 0.12 and Virgin Media only 0.10.

In the pay-TV market, BT appears to have much work to do with the launch of its Premier League football coverage just six weeks away.

BT Vision had 0.29 complaints per 1000 customers — six times above the industry average.

The most complained-about broadband company was Orange, part of EE, with 0.57 per 1000 customers unhappy. TalkTalk and BT continued to generate above-average complaints while Sky and Virgin were the least complained-about.”

These statistics are demonstrative of how integral home entertainment is to our lives these days which means the demand to receive high quality service is equally high. The competition within the market is also high but these numbers suggest that the theory of paying more to receive more is effective. The offers proposed by BT for this coming summer are designed to rival Sky’s sports packages as well as their broadband offers but with the complaints at a higher rate than Sky’s it looks like they will be able to hold on to their top spot.

There is also a debate regarding the role of landlines in homes – how necessary are they? There was a time when there was one phone each house and it was shared by all inhabitants, now every member and the cat have a mobile phone and can be contacted directly and the only reason there is a landline in the house is because they are necessary for the internet connection which has become a lifeline.

For more information on any of the products and services offered by any of the companies mentioned in this article please find all of their contact details listed on the Customer Services Contact website. TalkTalk can be contacted via their customer services helpline number.

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