TalkTalk News Update: Growing Consumer Base

Loyal Customers for TalkTalk

TalkTalk News Update

TalkTalk News Update: Company proves critics wrong and gains a loyal consumer base whilst major competitor offers new sports package.

TalkTalk is one of Britain’s leading broadband service providers who are also a television and telephone company. However, after predictions earlier this year that they would be losing customers due to one of their major competitors offering a free sports channel package, the company have actually experienced quite the opposite. In fact, TalkTalk have gained more than one hundred and fifty thousand new consumers since these initial forecastings.

Through analysing their consumers’ habits and through conducting market research, it has been found that the TalkTalk consumer spends money on aspects that are similar to the company’s rivals, such as being able to record programmes and catch-up television. However, it seems that their consumers do not seem to be indulging in sports channels or packages. The majority of their consumers view family programmes, movies and entertainment shows, and although sports packages are available, only a small minority pay for these.

Although TalkTalk do not seem to be put off by their major competitors, it is still very important and vital for them to protect their consumer base and not allow their customers to be drawn to a rival service provider.

More Updates on TalkTalk

Unlike many other multi-service providers, TalkTalk’s main aim is to increase the sale of packages and products per broadband member instead of targeting and gaining brand new household customers. The most profitable and popular products subscribers have bought on top of their standard membership and package is Homesafe, a family internet filter, mobile phone packages as well as their fibre optic broadband deal.

It therefore seems that although many of these companies are in high competition with each other, they have very different consumer bases who want and need very differentiating packages and deals. TalkTalk prides itself on having the most competitive prices, so they are able to provide quality yet value for money for their consumers. TalkTalk have also seen that their consumers are spending more money with them as well as staying with the company for longer. This is very good news for TalkTalk, as it shows a very loyal consumer base who are happy with the variety, price and quality of the services’ products. This is emphasised by the fact that even though rival companies are creating new and competitive services, deals and packages, TalkTalk are not losing customers but gaining them. However, some are saying that this will not remain the same for the service provider company, and in coming years their consumer base will soon move to other cheaper and better providers.

For more information on TalkTalk and the services and products they have to offer, visit their official website by clicking here.

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