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TalkTalk News Update

TalkTalk News Update: Telecoms company launch World TV Boosts service which provides Arabic, Japanese and African television channels on their YouView box.

The telecoms provider has recently announced the planned launch for more international channels to be added to their YouView box. The service lets consumers watch over seventy channels as well as watch on demand television and catch up with any programmes they may have missed, all done just by connecting the box to their broadband connection.

TalkTalk have conducted much research and found that a large percentage of their consumers, as well as the British population, are of Arab and South African descent. Data also confirmed that nearly forty thousand Japanese live in the United Kingdom and therefore the company have decided to cater for the international population living within the UK. They are not currently reaching this potentially profitable market.

Therefore, the broadcasting company are going to provide Japanese, African and Arabic speaking programmes as they believe they are of high demand and will prove to be very popular. This new service is going to be called World TV Boosts, which will then be divided into the Arabic TV Boost, the Japanese TV Boost and so on. Each of these will then hold around twelve channels especially catering towards that ethnicity and culture.

TalkTalk say that they are a diverse company and therefore aim to cater for a diverse target audience. They have acknowledged that the demand for these international television programmes is present and therefore they want to provide their consumers with the opportunity to access these channels. As well as improving their service to current consumers, the company also want to appeal to more people and therefore they believe that they are broadening their target audience by introducing World TV Boosts.

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This new service will cost the company’s consumers a minimum of ten pounds per month and provides music, news, sports, kids, entertainment and movie channels. The company state that they think it important that their service appeals and caters for everyone, no matter what age, gender or nationality.

The telecoms and broadcasting company plan to keep adding more international channels and services to appeal to their international speaking consumers and they strive to provide the best service possible.

If you are a TalkTalk customer and would like to keep up with all their latest news and updates then you can visit our news feed. If you would like to know more information on the products and services they have to offer then you can visit their official website.

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