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TalkTalk News Update: The company reveal an increase of one hundred & sixty thousand new customers, proving forecasters wrong following BT’s announcement.

The broadcasting, telecommunication and broadband provider have overcome predictions that they would be over shadowed by rival BT when they started offering a sports channel service. However, this appears not to be the case as the company has gained over one hundred and sixty thousand customers within the last three months. The company provides broadband, pay television and is also a mobile provider service all at a budget price.

Although offering the same product and service, it seems that both TalkTalk and BT have a completely different market that they are aiming at. For example, the budget service provider has said that their customers are much more interested in watching children and family programmes compared to the sports channels, hence why they have stayed loyal with the company and not switched to BT after launching their sports package.

The company are therefore showing forecasters wrong, after their share prices dropped to their lowest yet back in May when British Telecoms announced their new sports deal. In eight months TalkTalk have nearly quintupled the number of households signed up and have shown that consumers do not all want to view sporting channels. The broadcasting company allows consumers the opportunity to have subscriptions to Sky Sports with contracts as short as one month, however only a very small minority of their consumers take advantage of this, therefore showing how their customers do not prioritise or are not interested in watching sports. Critics are finding this hard to digest, especially with the current sport channels rivalry taking place, that not all of society wishes to or is interested in viewing sports.

The budget provider predicts positive future growth for the company, with an estimated twelve thousand customers being signed up to their TV service each week. Although positive, the company are not afraid to admit that eventually the impact of BT Sport will occur and it will be a challenging process for the company to think up new ways to keep consumers interested and loyal to the brand.

If you are a TalkTalk customer or just want to know more information about the company and what services and products they have to offer, you can contact them by clicking here, where you can speak to their customer services department. Alternatively you can visit their official website.

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