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Dial the Talk Talk customer services number today on 0844 324 0501 for all Talk Talk related queries. Dial today for billing, services and general support.

If you need to speak to Talk Talk customers services number you can call any time on 0844 324 0501. Our number is quick to call, no matter what you need to contact the company about.

Talk Talk is a leading UK provider of mobile, broadband, TV and phone services and is used by millions of people across the country. Talk talk customer services number representatives are available to help you with any aspect of your account and service and aim to ensure you have a positive experience with the company at all times. But if you need to get hold of Talk talk customer services number person do you know who to call? A lot of people who need to get in touch with Talk talk customer services number will head online to

But for some, this can be frustrating. Company websites often contain a variety of different numbers and instruct customers to call a different one depending on which type of account they have and why they are calling. This can be frustrating. And for those who cannot get online there isn’t even the option of finding the right number on the website. Other people who need the help of Talk talk customer services number will try to find an old bill for the phone number. But this isn’t always easy, and if you’re not at home when you need to call this isn’t even an option. So, we provide a single number for Talk talk customer services number that you can ring whatever the reason.

Talk Talk helpline number

Business and personal customers with phone, broadband or TV accounts with Talk Talk can call via us for Talk talk customer services number assistance. By providing just a single number for all types of help we can make your life far less hassle when you need assistance with your account. Whetever the reason for speaking to Talk talk customer services number – for a new account, a query with your bill, a problem with the service or a question about your contract – you can ring our number.

As an independent directory services provider we offer a single number for Talk talk customer services number to make life easier for you. Calls to our Talk talk customer services number line can cost as little as 5p per minute. You can ring any time for any reason, so long as you are over 18 and have been given permission to call by the person who pays the bill.

About the TalkTalk demerger:

TalkTalk began life as a subsidiary of the Carphone Warehouse, following on from the latter’s purchase of Opal Telecom. The business grew quickly, taking on hundreds of thousands of customers and making BT sufficiently nervous as to consider it a competitor in the telecoms space. By November 2008, Charles Dunstone was looking to demerge TalkTalk from the larger Carphone Warehouse business. The split was confirmed in April 2009, with TalkTalk to become a separately listed business.

Before the business was split, however, Carphone Warehouse agreed to purchase the UK arm of Tiscali in May 2009 for £236 million. The purchase was approved by the European Union Competition Commission in June 2009, with the sale completed in July. With that purchase, TalkTalk now had 4.1 million customers. In March 2010 the two companies finally demerged and became publicly listed companies, with Dido Harding becoming CEO of TalkTalk and Roger Taylor CEO of the new Carphone Warehouse.

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