Intelligent Finance

Intelligent Finance offers many different financial products. For the full range of what they offer call Intelligent Finance contact number 0844 561 1275.
Intelligent Finance have many different products with ISA’s and other saving devices although at the moment they are not offering any new savings products. They are keen to assure their customers that when they entrust their money to them as the Financial Services Compensation Scheme will protect it to a maximum value of eighty five thousand pounds – the UK customers deposit security scheme. The protection of funds is available and applies to savings in, as well as Intelligent Finance, Bank of Scotland Private Banking, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets, St. James’s Place Bank, Birmingham Midshires, Bank of Scotland Germany and Bank of Scotland The Netherlands. Some of the savings account operated by AA Savings by Charities and Aid Foundation Brand names and by Saga within the Bank of Scotland plc are also covered. Any total deposits that are held above the eighty five thousand pound limit for the brands mentioned will not be covered. For the full details of which accounts are covered call Intelligent Finance contact number 0844 561 1275.
Visiting the Intelligent Finance website will allow you to connect with a guide to protecting your money that has been produced for information for customers of Intelligent Finance. The FSCS will pay out compensation for those depositors who find that their bank is unable to meet its financial obligations and the amount of eighty five thousand pounds will usually cover the needs of most individual depositors as well as small business customers. For the full details call Intelligent Finance contact number 0844 561 1275
It is interesting to note that while the holder of a sole account can be compensated only for a maximum of eight five thousand pounds those depositors who hold joint accounts are entitled to be covered for the maximum amount applied to each of them making the total amount protected in a joint account, one hundred and seventy thousand pounds.