First Utility

As the winter starts to take hold there is on-going worry over the rising price of electricity. For details call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.
We all rely on electricity to heat and light our homes and without it big business would not be able to run. Now that the nights are longer and the hours of daylight shorter there is even more need for our electricity to be on. But as prices continue to be raised by the big six energy companies there are many who are caught in the dilemma of whether to heat or eat. For the elderly and for those with young children this can be a very difficult time. Tragically, every year, we hear about older people, who, afraid that they will not be able to pay their bills have not put their heating on and have died of hyperthermia. And every year we have the same outraged statements from government and other sources as to why this cannot be allowed to continue. Meanwhile there is a winter fuel allowance for people over 65 but if the winter is very cold and prices continue to go up even that will not be enough to allow some pensioners to keep their home warm and themselves safe for the winter. For more information call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.
First Utility believe that the energy market is failing those that it should be supporting and that the archaic monopoly of energy supplies by the big six allows them to raise electricity and gas prices and get away with it by using complicated and difficult to understand tariffs. They also accuse them of giving confusing and inadequate service to their customers. For more details call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.
First Utility claim that their fixed prices are cheaper than the big six standard tariffs and that they are dedicated to making sure that their customers get a fast and efficient service through all forms of social media. They offer a programme that allows their customer power to control and reduce their consumption of energy. For better ways of saving energy call First Utility contact number 0844 835 8905.