Epson are well known for their supply of printers and other office staples. To find the stockist nearest you just call Epson contact number 0844 335 8401.
As well as being involved in offering us cutting edge technology Epson are also involved in sports with their Commentator Information System (CIS) and the Epson Media Information System (MIS). These two innovations from Epson have become essentials to deliver the excitement and ‘in the moment’ sports coverage twenty-four hours a day. For more information call Epson contact number 0844 335 8401.
The commentator information system is designed to provide information on competition and all the detail of sports being played both at home and Internationally and it is a must have for all those who commentate on sports. With the system supplied by Epson a wide cross section of sporting information is gathered, from results in real time to full details of athletes from many areas of sporting endeavour. For more detail call Epson contact number 0844 335 8401.
The Media Information System on the other hand is most used by journalists and is accessed usually from the media centre of a sporting venue. The system offers full access to the Internet where all the data on offer can be uploaded or even printed out on an Epson high-speed laser printer that will be supplied at the venues of Epson sponsored events.
And track and field events have not been overlooked either with Epson bringing their vision to the track side to give the fans of these events a close up look at the javelin or the triple jump. The three dimensional millimetre perfect analysis of an athlete’s performance will be available, and make it possible for the avid fan to revel in every exciting moment of the event. For more about the system just call Epson contact number 0844 335 8401.