Customer Services

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Dial the eBay customer services number direct on 0844 324 0499 for payments, issues with transactions, billing options and other general enquiries.

eBay is one of the largest trading sites both in the UK and globally. Products as small as paper clips are traded right the way through to cars and houses. The popular timed auctions are a great way to pick up a potential deal for people UK wide if you are savvy enough. The eBay customer services department is for both buyers and sellers online. Most of the time, the process is seamless and both parties are happy with the sale.

Use the number listed here to speak with a member of the Fedex customer services department and have all of your logistical enquiries answered immediately.

Contacting companies can be a difficult task as they make their website labyrinthine and strive to channel the majority of the traffic through to the information pages on the Fedex website. This is a tool designed to benefit the company because they can reduce the number of calls that come into the Fedex customer services department and provide a higher level of service to those who need to speak with a member of the team.