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Call the direct dial Primus contact number and speak with a member of the customer services team about any Primus related enquiry, for just 7p per minute.

Calling the number will allow you to have any enquiry related to the telecommunications company Primus answered immediately. There is no third party company or middle man that works for Customer Services Contact in between yourself and Primus, it is just a direct connection. We are an independent company offering this service and therefore do not have any affiliation towards the company, or any company listed on this website, we simply supply number like the Primus contact number: 0844 800 1983.

For help and advice concerning your water and waste services, call the Northumbrian Water contact number 0844 561 7317. The number is available 7 days a week.

Providing water and waste services to millions of people across the United Kingdom, Northumbrian Water aims to be the national leader when it comes to the sustainability of these resources. With various branches across the country, the smaller divisions are broken down to into two main groups – the north and south east of England. To find out your local supplier, or for more information on the company as a whole, please call the Northumbrian Water contact number.

For information on the products and services of Nokia, or for help with your electronic devices, please call the Nokia contact number on 0844 381 4601.

As one of the biggest telecommunications networks across the world, Nokia provides a selection of equipment and services to its millions of customers in over 150 different countries. Based in Finland, the company sells a wide variety of apps, games, music, media and messaging services, as well as a large range of mobile phones and internet services. With over 100,000 staff in their many offices, any queries regarding their products can be dealt with quickly and easily by those with training and experience through the Nokia contact number listed below.

By calling the Next contact number customers will be able to speak with a member of the customer service team about all the products and services offered.

Based on sales, last year Next was names as the biggest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom, taking over from Mark and Spencers in early 2012. Selling on trend clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, the brand also has a very successful line of homeware, including furniture and soft furnishings. As a high street retailer, Next strives to bring the best quality products at affordable prices. For more information on the range of products available, please don’t hesitate to call their customer services team on the Next contact number.

Call the New Look contact number to discuss the products they offer as well as your options if you have purchased one of their products but are unhappy.

In order to speak with a member of the Netflix customer service team about the services they offer, use the Netflix contact number listed here: 0844 561 7123


For more information on the National Grid, contact their customer services department by using the National Grid contact number listed on this website.

As the high voltage electric power transmission network in Britain, the National Grid is responsible for transmitting electricity to homes and business across the whole of the UK. While not the energy suppliers themselves, the company controls the power stations and substations that transmit power to domestic and commercial properties in a safe and effective way. For more information on the nearest power station to you, don’t hesitate to call the National Grid contact number on 0844 561 6876, where an advisor will be happy to help.

Call the Nectar contact number to speak with a member of the loyalty card’s customer services department. They can assist with all enquiries about the card.

The Morrisons contact number listed here is a direct connection to their customer services department so that callers can receive all relevant assistance.

Use the MoreThan contact number to connect to their customer services department and receive help and assistance with your present or new insurance policy.

With a wide variety of products and services, MoreThan is one of the leading insurance companies in the UK. Set up twelve years ago, the company is part of the RSA Insurance Group – a multinational business based in London, but trading in over 140 countries world wide and providing their services to over 20 million people. To get more information about the countries the RSA Group operate in, please call the MoreThan contact number, where a member of staff will be able to give you any information you need.

Speak with a member of the customer services team at Microsoft by calling the Microsoft contact number. It is a direct dial number for immediate assistance.

Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the mid 70s, Microsoft Corporation fast became one of the biggest multinational software companies in the world, as well as one of the most valuable. Constantly developing, manufacturing, licensing and supporting new ideas for products and services, the brand is based in Washington with their personal and office computing systems still some of the most sold around the world. Find out more about the brand by speaking to an advisor on the Microsoft contact number, or visiting the website.

Use the Mercedes contact number to speak with a member of their customer services team who can provide help and assistance with all Mercedes enquiries.

Mercede-Benz is one of the biggest car dealerships in the world, with a wide range of vehicles manufactured in their warehouses. Selling sports cars, convertibles, 4x4s and hatchbacks, as well as trucks, vans and buses and a new range of hybrids, the brand is known for their luxury vehicles, as well as the status they bring to their owners. To find out more about the different models available, please don’t hesitate to call the Mercedes contact number on 0844 561 6342, where a member of the team will be able to assist you.

By calling the McDonalds contact number that we list on this website callers will be able to speak with a member of the customer services team immediately.

As the world’s largest fast food chain, McDonalds restaurants are a staple feature of high streets, shopping centres and retail parks, which is hardly surprising considering there’s nearly 1200 sites in the UK. To find your local branch, call the McDonalds contact number on 0844 887 1189, or visit their website.

Use the MBNA contact number listed on this website for a direct connection through to their customer services team and all help and support that you require.

Founded in the US more than 30 years ago, MBNA is fast becoming one of the world’s largest independent credit card lenders. Providing a unique range of credit cards and services, the company counts the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool Football Clubs among their clients – a full list of which can be found on their website, or by calling the MBNA contact number.

Call the Matalan contact number seven days a week for help and advice regarding any of the products or services offered by the clothes and homeware retailer.

British retailer Matalan opened its first store in Preston in 1985 and has continued to grow, now with over 200 stores in the UK. The company generally selects out of town sites for the stores to lower the cost of overheads, allowing them to give the best value of money to customers. To find your local store call their customer services on the Matalan contact number 0844 561 6115.

Ovo is an energy company that are based in Bristol in the UK. The company began trading energy in September 2009. Call the Ovo contact number 0844 887 1692 0844 887 1692.

Optical Express is a very popular optician on the UK’s high streets countrywide. For a shop near you call Optical Express contact number 0844 561 7421.

Optical Express offer optometrist services and have stores operating throughout the UK. If you need to enlist the services of the company you can call the Optical Express contact number and enquire as to the details of your local store, such as the opening hours.

MasterCard are a familiar name in credit cards and there will be few of us that do not have one. Call MasterCard contact number 0844 561 6024for details.

Most of us in the twenty first century will rely on the plastic power of the credit card to buy many of the bigger and even smaller purchases that we make every day. It is not unusual to see someone handing over a credit card to pay for a coffee and a sandwich – more people have credit cards and therefore the customer services department are busier. The MasterCard contact number listed here is a direct connection so that you can receive all the assistance you require.

Maplin are a large organisation that sell electronic and other goods. To find out where your nearest store is call Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

Maplin are at the cutting edge of technology and offer a wide range of electronic goods to their customers at stores the length and breadth of the UK. The range of goods that are available at the store include in-car entertainment and satnav items as well as everything that you might need for computing and hard drive and memory devices. To find out more about their products call the Maplin contact number 0844 561 5517.

Manchester Airport is one of the biggest UK airports, in the North of the country. For information call Manchester Airport contact number 0844 561 5434.

There will be plenty of places to sit and have a coffee or something to eat in the airport and plenty of staff on hand to help us through the procedures necessary to board our flight. From the time we turn up at the check-in desk until the time we are finally shown to our seat on the plane, every move will be carefully monitored and checked by the security that has become a fact of life for travellers in the twenty first century. For information call Manchester Airport contact number 0844 561 5434.