T-Mobile News Update: Simple Business Plans

T-Mobile Simple Choice

T-Mobile News Update: T-Mobile are changing their tariff structure for business customers with one called Simple Choice, a service with no annual contract.

In an overhaul of tariffs and contracts, T-Mobile USA are looking to improve the options for their business customers and remove the restraints of the annual contract and add incentives. The idea behind Simple Choice is to put the control of the contracts into the hands of the businesses so they stop getting hit with extra charges and inflated monthly bills.

They’ve made it super easy for everyone to understand: when there are more than six phones on the contract the phones are offered at $20 per phone, per month and receive unlimited minutes and texts as well as 500mb of data. The final point can be increased for an addition fee each month and the monthly fee can reach as much as $50 per phone per month if the company decides they want to have unlimited 4G data usage as well.

With T-Mobile having just 1% of the market they are aiming to get that up to 10% by the end of the year but they will be looking at a long road ahead as their rivals have the lion’s share.

The shared data plans that are currently operating for business customers across the US leave companies scratching their heads with regards to why they’ve been charged extra on their monthly bills. The two new tariffs – Simple Choice for Business and Simple Choice Classic – will remove this risk and make charges transparent so that companies can budget without worrying.

T-Mobile News Update

It’s often been seen that the mobile phone service providers take advantage of businesses and their supposedly disposable income allowances that permit the service providers to slip in the extra charges and so on. T-Mobile are striving to change this and treat their business customers better, especially with the sheer number of wireless devices that are used by businesses these days. No longer does this cover only mobile phones.

As with O2 in the UK this year, T-Mobile are looking to separate the two components of the contract: the service and the device. This means the companies can ‘BOYD’ or Bring Your Own Device to the contract and take advantage of the huge cost savings that is on offer here.

For more information on these tariffs, visit the T-Mobile website or call the T-Mobile contact number and speak with a member of their customer services team.

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